Safest Nordic Walking Poles For Those With Balance Issues And Ankle Issues

Have had my Exel poles with cork handles for about 2 months. Love them…I am a bit full figured and had noticed a bit of unstableness with my ankles prior to receiving my new walking poles. The pole walking is strengthening them, and I move with more speed and am losing a bit of weight […]

Nordic Walking Provides An Excellent Workout + Help Reduce Myofascial Pain

Please feel free to share my testimony. I purchased your 1-Piece Nordic Walking Poles for fitness purposes. I am an avid cross-country skier, but I don’t get many opportunities to enjoy myself because we don’t get much snow anymore. I saw an article about Nordic walking and was interested to try it. I almost got […]

On the Trails: Scant snow prompts ‘ski walking’ – Nordic Walking To The Rescue!

Mike Terrell is an outdoor writer/ski writer and wrote up a great article about Nordic Ski Walking for the Traverse City Record-Eagle newspaper. When skiers and snowshoers are deprived of snow, Mike Terrell recommends Nordic Ski Walking. Mike has learned from experience that collapsible walking poles are far inferior to REAL one-piece Nordic Walking Poles. […]

Happy Nordic Walkers = A Great Thing

Hi, Pete, Bought my SWIX carbon nordic walking poles last year, deciding to finally make a head-on assault against my rheumatoid-osteo-miniscus-short-boomer syndrome a-n-n-n-d I am surviving! Seriously, your personal phone assistance in helping me order the right poles for my height/weight/abilities really insured that the equipment would assist, not impede my efforts. For every weak […]

Nordic Walking – The Hottest Fitness Activity In the Country

Thanks Jim Neff, from Michigan Skier, for letting your readers know more about Nordic Ski Skiwalking: “SKIWALKING.COM and the American Nordic Walking System is the place to go for the hottest new fitness activity in the country. Can’t get to a ski hill? No problem, just grab your SkiWalking fitness poles and head out for […]

SWIX Nordic Walking Poles Consistently Rated #1

The Best Fitness Walking Poles of 2019 Best Overall: SWIX of Norway VIP Nordic Walking Poles The SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles won another #1 rating this year. Our SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles earned the top spot from VERYWELL FIT: The SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles earned Best Overall – Best for Nordic […]

Making The Transition From Nordic Walking To Nordic Skiing (Cross Country Skiing)

Happy Holidays! Next week is Thanksgiving. We were hiking every day with our poles on the dunes, trails, and 2-tracks here in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Last week it started to snow and we have been Nordic Skiing (cross country skiing) every day since. Nordic Walking and Nordic Skiing are kissing cousins. Both are […]