Happiest Walking Pole Customers In The USA

All of us at SKIWALKING.COM and the American Nordic Walking System are extremely grateful for all of our happy customers. We ship fast. We have the #1 rated poles in North America. We are honest about one-piece poles being ideal for all ages and all fitness levels – the best poles for athletes, fitness walking, […]

The Best Walking Poles For Mom On Mother’s Day

Mom will LOVE her new walking poles. Be sure to find poles for Mom that are safe, user-friendly, durable and trustworthy. Poles to avoid – poles made in China with cheap/flimsy twist-locks or flip-locks often prove to be un-safe, not durable and not trustworthy due to the poles not holding their settings. Collapsible poles often […]

Nordic Walking Poles – 32 Different Lengths Are An International First

SKIWALKING.COM LLC and The American Nordic Walking System launched an industry first this year with the introduction of 32 different lengths of quality one-piece Nordic Walking Poles. Our commitment to providing quality one-piece Nordic Walking Poles has resulted in a record number of happy customers and our continued #1 ranking on AMAZON. A ranking that poles […]

Cassidy Fisher Joins SkiWalking.com LLC

For Immediate Release December 2, 2015   SkiWalking.com LLC and The American Walking System Adds a Marketing and Wellness Manager to their Team.   Empire, MI- SkiWalking.com LLC announces the addition of Cassidy Fisher (Cassidy Edwards) as the new Marketing and Wellness Manager. SkiWalking.com LLC and The American Nordic Walking System is the number one […]

Pregnancy and Nordic Walking, Part 1

Nordic Walking is the perfect way to stay happy and healthy during pregnancy!    Prior to finding out that I was expecting I was in very good shape. Fitness and endurance sports have seemed to run in my blood. At the age of 10 my father had me on a training plan for running; the […]

Skiwalking.com and The American Walking System Adds a Marketing and Wellness Manager to their Team.

Cassidy Fisher (Edwards) joined Skiwalking.com in October as the new Marketing and Wellness Manager. Cassidy comes to SkiWalking.com after almost three years as a Counselor and Client Advocate with the Women’s Resource Center. Cassidy earned her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Michigan University. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally […]

Walking Poles For Mobility

Seniors and anyone with a balance issue should never be recommended to use 2-piece or 3-piece twist-lock or flip-lock walking poles. The members of the Senior Hiking Group above are 100% using quality one-piece poles sized to their specific heights. One-piece poles prove to be safer, lighter, stronger, more durable and much more user-friendly than […]