Nordic Walking Poles Better Than The Cane For Balance And Hill Climbing

To   Pete Edwards,

I received the Nordic walking poles I bought from you about a week ago.  Here in Ca.  I have skied since I was about 5 or 6;  and now I am 84 years of age.  I have no questions. I read about your poles in the NYTimes and then went to your home page.

I walked in my senior retirement hallway at first and then around the whole total of the many bldgs here.  Your printed instructions included with my poles are excellent.

Please send me some cards that I can give to people who are seniors here and are quite interested.  I bought your poles because I kept losing my balance when using my cane.  This is like 4 wheel drive when using poles.  Very true.

The big event was yesterday walking up the steep  concrete driveway at one of my kids home ….with no problem at all.    Needed help always on that hill always until now.

If you need a positive comment;  take anything you need here.  Or I can enter it where indicated (?)