4-WHEEL DRIVE Is A Good Thing – Nordic Walking Poles Help Vietnam Vet

Pete, I just received my new EXEL Urban Skier Nordic Walking Poles, following your clear directions I was in 4-wheel drive in about 30 min.  I am absolutely out of this world AMAZED at what these Poles and the NORDIC WALKING SYSTEM can accomplish.

I have a story about how I just recovered functionality to my right ankle and foot which were fused due to a combat injury in Vietnam in 1969.  The NORDIC WALKING SYSTEM is going to – IS – putting me back on the road literally and figuratively.  The NORDIC WALKING SYSTEM works as advertised.

I am a Believer in the NORDIC WALKING SYSTEM I want to help others learn the Pure Joy of walking in 4 Wheel Drive.  So Pete, when do you offer Instructor type courses?  People will notice me and ask about NORDIC WALKING I want to be able to Show and Tell emphasis on SHOWING –  CORRECTLY.

Please let me know about Training Opportunities.

Thanks Pete for a Great Product.


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