Happy Nordic Walkers = A Great Thing

Hi, Pete,

Bought my SWIX carbon nordic walking poles last year, deciding to finally make a head-on assault against my rheumatoid-osteo-miniscus-short-boomer syndrome a-n-n-n-d I am surviving! Seriously, your personal phone assistance in helping me order the right poles for my height/weight/abilities really insured that the equipment would assist, not impede my efforts. For every weak moment, the poles have been there to steady me, with even the hand strap saving me from having to worry about my loose hand grip. Bottom line, I am steadily increasing distance & my iphone tells me my ‘walking asymmetry and double support time’ are improving (who knew?).

Thank you, Pete, for actually providing a product and customer experience that was all the website promised and more. So unique in today’s world and greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Happy Nordic Walkers = A Great Thing

  1. Just received my skiwalking poles. I love them! I started Nordic walking last November. What a great exercise for a total body workout. I have never had upper body strength. My biceps and triceps were sore for 4 months after I began Nordic walking. I kept at it and my arm tone has been developing nicely. I was using another brand of poles that required gripping. My pinkie and ring fingers were starting to go numb from the tight grips I had on the poles. I decided to switch poles and ordered my skiwalking poles. The hand straps on your poles make all the difference! I’m now walking with better posture and using the heel of my hand for pushing. I’m not gripping the poles at all because I read your directions. Whoa! My arms are sore again as I’m reaching another level of tone with your poles. Honestly, this is such an incredible form of exercise. I can’t imagine not Nordic walking. Thank you for developing such an amazing product!
    Question: if I get your carrying case, can poles be checked into baggage on an airplane or can I put them in the overhead bin as a carry on?

    1. Hi Deb – Thanks for using our poles. We are so glad to hear about your success. Our padded pole bag is a mini padded ski bag and would need to be checked with your luggage. When flying, a small Boot Bag + pole or ski ski bag = 1 bag. Not 2 bags. Those with balance issues, with a doctor’s note, can take their poles, no bag required, right through TSA and onto the plane. The flight crew will store your poles.

      Keep up the good work,

      Pete – owner/founder http://WWW.SKWALKING.COM and the American Nordic Walking System
      [email protected]

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