Nordic Walking Poles USA

#1 Rated Nordic Walking, Hiking, And Trekking Poles Are The Safest Poles For Seniors and Physical Therapy (NO Cheesy Twist/Flip Locks)

The Only Nordic Walking, Hiking, Trekking, And Balance Poles With A LifeTime Breakage Warranty 

SKIWALKING.COM LLC is North America’s only source for one-piece Nordic Walking Poles that are custom fit to your height. All 32 lengths are in stock and ready to ship. Our quality Nordic Walking Poles from SWIX of Norway and EXEL of Finland are ideal for casual walking, fitness walking, hiking, trekking, and running. These super sturdy walking sticks are also the best walking sticks for seniors, those with balance issues, weight issues, and those in physical therapy. Doctor and Physical Therapist recommended.
Our #1 rated one-piece Nordic walking poles are safer, silent, lighter, stronger, more durable, and much more user-friendly than the cheap, flimsy, adjustable length and collapsing 2-piece and 3-piece poles costing upwards of $200. Twist-lock, flip-lock, bungee, and push-button collapsible walking poles rattle, vibrate, freeze up, break easily, and collapse unexpectedly – quality Swix and Exel one-piece poles do not. Aluminum and Carbon 1-piece poles for all ages and all fitness levels.
Our SWIX and EXEL 1-piece Nordic walking poles are backed up with the only walking pole LifeTime Breakage Warranty in the USA. Thousands of our new customers first got scammed by cheap/flimsy collapsible walking poles from Amazon and big box stores – they hated their collapsible poles and their numerous defects but LOVED the concept of walking with poles. Luckily, they found us here at SKIWALKING.COM LLC, the American Nordic Walking System, and our dependable, user-friendly 1-piece Nordic Walking poles.
Family-owned and operated in the beautiful back hills of Empire, Michigan – home of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Head Coach Pete Edwards has taught hundreds of Nordic Walking Classes for sports teams, fitness centers, senior centers, hospitals, Wounded Warriors, physical therapy clinics, spine institutes, cardio rehab, support groups for MS, Parkinson’s, and Diabetes, …….. Final assembly of our quality 1-piece poles is done here at HQ – including adding straps to all poles. REAL Nordic Walking Straps in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. Don’t get scammed by cheap knockoff poles that come with only one strap size.

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SWIX and EXEL One-Piece Nordic Walking Poles Custom Fit To Your Height Are The Best And #1 Rated Poles For Fitness Walking, Hiking, Trekking and Physical Therapy