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American Nordic Walking System: #1 rated Nordic Walking Poles in the USA. Custom fit to your height – all 32 lengths are in stock and ready to ship. These quality one-piece Nordic Walking Poles are silent, safer, lighter, stronger, more durable and much more user-friendly than the cheap, flimsy and collapsible 2-piece and 3-piece poles that are flooding the market from China. Twist-lock, flip-lock, bungee, and push-button collapsible walking poles rattle, vibrate, freeze up, or collapse unexpectedly – quality one-piece poles don’t. Our quality SWIX and EXEL one-piece poles are ideal for walking, hiking, trekking and running. These Nordic Walking Sticks are also the #1 choice for seniors, those with balance issues, and those in physical therapy. Please don’t get scammed by collapsible poles.

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SWIX and EXEL One-Piece Nordic Walking Poles Custom Fit To Your Height Are The Best And #1 Rated Poles For Fitness Walking, Hiking, Trekking and Physical Therapy