Daily Walk With Nordic Walking Poles = LOVE

Thanks again for the Nordic walking poles, loving my walk every day with the poles!


Great Customer Service And A Great Workout

Wow!! Great customer service Pete.

Thank you very much for the Nordic walking poles. I am really getting a great workout and am now using them at lunch time which allows me to get from my office to much further lunch spots and back again up the several hills to my office inside of my lunch hour. It’s expanded my territory!


LOVE Nordic Walking Poles

I love my Nordic walking poles!! Thanks so much for your help!!


We Want ALL Of Our Nordic Walking Poles To Be Loved!

I have your Nordic Walking Poles and love them.


Quality Nordic Walking Poles = Happy Customers

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


Best Walking Poles For Knee Issues

I have owned a pair of your Nordic walking sticks for over a year and after my knee replacement. I am now able to walk over a mile and enjoy every moment of this


REAL Nordic Walking Poles vs Cheap-O Collapsible Poles

Got my Walking Poles today! You’re definitely right about the cheap-o collapsible poles–had one collapse on me yesterday. Going out now to try out the ones that came in the mail. The height is right.

I’m relatively new to the sport. Was a long-distance runner for quite a while until I pulled my achilles tendon. I’m switching to fast walking now, Nordic Walking looks like a good solution.

Thanks again!


Helpful Printed Nordic Walking Instructions

My Nordic Walking Poles arrived and can’t wait to start walking.  Also, your instructions are not only helpful, but made me laugh several times.  😂


Great Customer Service

Thanks for the great customer service.

Impressed With REAL Nordic Walking Poles And The Benefits

Hi Pete!

Thank you so much Pete.  I have to tell you…I am really impressed with these poles and all the benefits that go along with them.


GREAT Nordic Walking Poles

These are great! They came with helpful instructions. They help with my posture, which is why I bought them, and I walk faster with them than without


Best $100 I ever spent to solve a medical problem

By changing the gait of my walking stride my new poles have just about cured my troubles w/ my right leg’s sciatica nerve troubles… This only took a week or two after getting them… the best $100 I ever spent to solve a medical problem…… Thanks!


Nordic Walking since 2000

I tell everyone about them since getting my first pair in 2000!


Ditching The Walker

Thanks Pete !!! Got my new walking poles about noon today, Saturday.  Great fit. Ditching my walker.


Hot – But Awesome

AWESOME, I am so impressed with you guys…From hot San Antonio, thanks!!!!


Almost A Civic Duty

We love our poles. Used them this morning, in fact. It’s almost a civic duty.

Changing Lives

My Nordic walking poles arrived in only three days to California, expertly wrapped. They are beyond wonderful: lightweight, quiet, the Nordic straps are easy to wrap around my wrists. I feel a new confidence walking 60-90 minutes every morning. You’re changing lives more than you know. Thanks Pete!

Big Fan

Hi Pete,
This is my second pair, (actually I ordered these for my wife). We both have collapsible poles which we use only for when we travel, since they fit the suitcase. Your poles are lighter, more flexible and better balance. I’m a big fan!


Thanks for making these great products!

We LOVE Our Walking Poles

We love our poles. Used them this morning, in fact. It’s almost a civic duty.

Super-Fast Delivery And Helping To Move Better With Arthritis

Thanks, Pete, for such fast delivery; in 3 days I was able to try these poles to help move better with beginning arthritis.  I have great hopes.


Walking Poles Enable Us To Do The Impossible

Hi Pete!  Just wanted you to know the ski walking poles are fantastic!  I’ve been walking about 45 minutes to 1 hour most days. Previously, just a few blocks would be impossible. The poles allow me to go farther and faster without pain to my ankle which has been wonderful 😄Also, I’m spreading the great news about the magic of Nordic walking. I’m a believer!  Thank you so much,  Dana Larson

Doctor Endorsed

My back radicular symptoms have significantly improved thanks to using
the Skiwalking poles. I have told my physician colleagues and patients about Skiwalking poles and you.

Thank you for all your help. Your poles have been a great help to me.

The new poles came today and they’re perfect. Thank you so much for your fast and friendly service. Thanks for everything!  Sharon

SWIX Ski And Walking Poles – A History Of Quality

“I love these poles! Great quality, light-weight, and …hey, it feels great to be holding ‘ski poles’ again! I used Swix ski poles 50 years ago, and it’s wonderful to see that they still make the best!”



I am spreading the word. Your poles are wonderful and so much better than my cheap ones – improper fit, handgrips that cause cramps, poor posture!


Comfortable And Adjustable Straps

Dear SkiWalking,

I LOVE my SWIX VIP poles.


Happy Customers Are A Good thing

I love my poles!! Thanks so much for your help!!


Nordic Walking And Yoga A Winning Combination

Love these poles. Makes walking a much better work-out. I walk 5 miles every other day with a yoga day in between.


Walking Poles Are A God Send

These poles are a God send. I cannot walk without them. I have very bad back issues, and have used the Carbon VIP poles for years. I’m having back surgery before the end of the year, so I’ll definitely rely on the poles afterwards. Yesterday I ordered a pair of the NEW Carbon Poles and was told I would have them by Friday. What a great company!! I highly recommend them!! Karen