Nordic Walking For Weight Loss

I think I have been Nordic Walking almost every single day since we met with you. The nordic walking poles have been highly motivating. I continue to feel that I get a much better overall work out and have lost both inches and pounds with the inches being from the mid-section!
Again, thank you so much — Hope to see you again at some point!

Helpful Nordic Walking Instructions – The American Nordic Walking System

Pete – LOVE ‘EM LOVE ‘EM LOVE ‘EM!!!! Now, I probably will never do my walks without my nordic walking poles ever again! Yes, your instructions were very good and I can see that my skiing will be even better this winter! What a sport! Yesterday I biked up in NH at the Franconia Notch State Park and I was thinking while biking, “wow, this trail would have been GREAT with the poles!”.
Be thankful for our United Stated of America. Thanks!

Can’t Be Without Them

My husband and I have walking sticks that we purchased from you a few years ago.    Can’t be without them…at the age of 65 I like to walk in an upright position and the sticks keep me that way   not to mention that they help me burn more calories !!   Thanks for your time…Love your product !!!!

Thank You For Supporting Our Troops

I just received my poles yesterday from the Red Cross at Evans Army Community Hospital here on Fort Carson. First off I’d like to thank you for your support of the soldiers in the Warrior Transition Battalion.

Secondly I would like to express my gratitude for the new found stability that I have with these poles. I live on post and insist on walking from my house to the WTB every morning for the ride to our  adaptive PT location. Now that it is getting colder I was beginning to question whether I would be able to make the walk once the snow and ice really begin sticking around. With these poles and a set of Yak Trax I feel as confident as ever, and am even thinking about hiking up Pikes Peak when the summit opens. Thank you very much.

Poles Helping with MS

I just want to tell you how much your ski walking poles have helped me.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and my friend who lives up by

you in Empire, Michigan gave me the poles.  I don’t need to loose any

weight(the opposite actually), but with my being very off balance and

falling often, these poles have been fabulous. People ask me about them

all of the time.  It’s so great to have something in which I can stand upright

rather than leaning forward as I do with my canes and the hand gripes are

awesome.  Happy holidays to you and thank you so much for this wonderful

product.  I will send all of the people who ask me about them to you.

Impressed with Service and Product

Wanted to say thank you so much for getting my order to me in time for my Christmas time birthday.  Product is wonderful.  So impressed with the service and product.  Loved the little Santa ornament with walking poles, really made me smile.

Will highly recommend you all to anyone.

Arthritis in Left Knee-Poles Helping!

The poles are great.  I have some arthritis in my left knee and walking with the sticks allows me to exercise without causing more problems with the knee.  Also, I love the carrying bag.  It is very clever how you constructed it to easily adjust according to the size of the poles.  Also, the quality is above and beyond the cost.  Thanks again

Walking Poles are a Life Saver

Three years ago I was given a gift of a pair of Nordic Walking Sticks  after a hip repair surgery. During the 3 years my pain continued until a recent hip replacement surgery in January this year. During the years the poles have been a true life saver. Unfortunately 4 weeks ago i was tipped off a tall chair, cracking my pelvis after the fall on a tile floor. And again my walking sticks are a life saver! Thank you!

Walking with MS and a Hip Replacement

I love my poles. I have MS and have had my right hip replaced. For 28 years before I had the hip replacement, I was a runner.  My balance had become a real problem from the MS.  I got the poles 2 weeks ago and now I am able to walk 2 miles without any problem.  My balance has started improving and the stress on my hip replacement has been relieved.

Poles Making a Significant Difference

Dear Pete, I got some Nordic poles from you several months ago and love them. I have ME/CFS and an unstable left hip. The combination of problems was keeping me from being able to hike on our country property, and the lack of exercise was even making it hard to get on my horse. The poles are making a significant difference in my ability to get around, in my strength, and certainly in my enjoyment of life. I’ve begun to shed some weight I’d gained because I couldn’t exercise, I am riding again, and I’m so pleased to be more active and enjoy the outer reaches of our home.
So I just ordered another pair for a neighboring friend who has arthritic knees, and we will get out on our trails together just as soon as they arrive. They are fun to use, extremely helpful for the range of issues I was dealing with, and my fitness has improved considerably. I can’t wait to see the same thing happen to my friend. Thanks so much for this great product.