Almost A Civic Duty

We love our poles. Used them this morning, in fact. It’s almost a civic duty.

Changing Lives

My Nordic walking poles arrived in only three days to California, expertly wrapped. They are beyond wonderful: lightweight, quiet, the Nordic straps are easy to wrap around my wrists. I feel a new confidence walking 60-90 minutes every morning. You’re changing lives more than you know. Thanks Pete!

Big Fan

Hi Pete,
This is my second pair, (actually I ordered these for my wife). We both have collapsible poles which we use only for when we travel, since they fit the suitcase. Your poles are lighter, more flexible and better balance. I’m a big fan!


Thanks for making these great products!

We LOVE Our Walking Poles

We love our poles. Used them this morning, in fact. It’s almost a civic duty.

Super-Fast Delivery And Helping To Move Better With Arthritis

Thanks, Pete, for such fast delivery; in 3 days I was able to try these poles to help move better with beginning arthritis.  I have great hopes.


Walking Poles Enable Us To Do The Impossible

Hi Pete!  Just wanted you to know the ski walking poles are fantastic!  I’ve been walking about 45 minutes to 1 hour most days. Previously, just a few blocks would be impossible. The poles allow me to go farther and faster without pain to my ankle which has been wonderful 😄Also, I’m spreading the great news about the magic of Nordic walking. I’m a believer!  Thank you so much,  Dana Larson

Doctor Endorsed

My back radicular symptoms have significantly improved thanks to using
the Skiwalking poles. I have told my physician colleagues and patients about Skiwalking poles and you.

Thank you for all your help. Your poles have been a great help to me.

The new poles came today and they’re perfect. Thank you so much for your fast and friendly service. Thanks for everything!  Sharon

SWIX Ski And Walking Poles – A History Of Quality

“I love these poles! Great quality, light-weight, and …hey, it feels great to be holding ‘ski poles’ again! I used Swix ski poles 50 years ago, and it’s wonderful to see that they still make the best!”



I am spreading the word. Your poles are wonderful and so much better than my cheap ones – improper fit, handgrips that cause cramps, poor posture!


Comfortable And Adjustable Straps

Dear SkiWalking,

I LOVE my SWIX VIP poles.


Happy Customers Are A Good thing

I love my poles!! Thanks so much for your help!!


Nordic Walking And Yoga A Winning Combination

Love these poles. Makes walking a much better work-out. I walk 5 miles every other day with a yoga day in between.


Walking Poles Are A God Send

These poles are a God send. I cannot walk without them. I have very bad back issues, and have used the Carbon VIP poles for years. I’m having back surgery before the end of the year, so I’ll definitely rely on the poles afterwards. Yesterday I ordered a pair of the NEW Carbon Poles and was told I would have them by Friday. What a great company!! I highly recommend them!! Karen

Best Poles For Family And Friends

This is my third purchase for family. Glad to hear of wounded warriors effort!

God Bless – Martha

Quality Poles Better Than A Cane

I had a mild stroke and a friend bought these amazing walking poles for me. I love them so much better than the average cane. I recommend them. Very comfortable to use.



PETE – SO GRATEFUL MY NEIGHBOR SHOWED ME HIS NEW WALKING POLES. They looked just perfect for me. I immediately ordered my poles and they came so quickly. I will for sure spread the word to all and everyone who is interested…or might be… including the two gals in our fitness center.

Realized this AM when I was walking …much cooler day after long heat…that the poles will really help my posture and strengthening. Will also tell my wonderful PT in Newport Beach.

So many parks and walking paths around the Irvine villages planned community…Woodbridge Village lake being a favorite in my pre-accident days as well as Quail Hill and Shady Canyon, the Sea and Sage Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary where we get so many birds passing through on the Pacific Flyway. May even go park at Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve and walk the road (but avoid the bikes!)   It is spurring me on to try to regain my strength etc. after the car accident 9 months ago.


Best Walking Poles For Health And Fitness

My Skiwalking poles are fantastic! They provide a grest whole body workout, I’m very impressed.


Physical Therapist Recommended

I bought a set of these poles for myself because I have MS and my PT recommended real nordic walking poles. I think mine are wonderful!


Walking A Marathon After Two Spinal Fusions – With Poles Of Course

Love my walking poles! Had spinal fusion a year ago, for the second time. Am planning to walk a marathon next April using these poles, as they make my walks pain free and enjoyable! Thank you!


Purchased For My Active 80-Year-old Father, Who Happens To Have Neuropathy. These Walking Poles Will Help Him Continue To Stay Active!

Thank you!  I purchased them for my active 80-year-old father, who happens to have neuropathy.  These walking poles will help him continue to stay active!
My dad says there are three kinds of senior adults:
and “No-Goes”
I’m so excited that he’s going to continue to be in the “Go-Goes” category!
Thank you,

These Poles Are Honestly Giving Me My Life Back

Hi Pete!

I’ve had my SWIX walking poles for about a month now, and I’m thrilled. Left a five-star review for you – I appreciate how unbelievably prompt everything was – as well as for the poles themselves. I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone who wants a pair.

We just got a large dog who needs to be walked for long distances on a regular basis, and with the hands-free leash my friend made, I’m able to use my poles while walking the dog and push further distances more easily.

Thanks again for everything. These poles are helping me to be much more active, and are honestly giving me my life back.



4th Year Since Cancer And Diabetes. 2 Miles A Day No Matter The Weather

Going on 4th year since cancer and diabetes. 2 miles a day no matter the weather, Pete Edwards is a life prolonger. Plus it’s fun.


Lost 55# with the help of the poles

“….weight issues……I lost about 55 lbs, and Nordic walking played a huge role in that! Thanx, Pete Edwards, for introducing me to Nordic walking :)…. Plus the poles help me with balance issues especially when in the woods with a bad ankle. So, all in all I can’t say enough about the poles:)”

No Vibration Like With Two and Three Piece Poles

Received the poles yesterday…a great day for testing them out as it was a rainy day. Hiked 5 miles on various ground types and hills…was I surprised! Such a big difference compared to the 3 piece aluminum poles that I had been using. I really had my doubts about the one- piece carbon poles. Your poles do not vibrate and are much more secure so, I am very pleased.

Glad I chose these poles over the Black Diamond brand… They do not, in my opinion have the same response.

Poles Helping with Gait and Balance after Double Knee Replacement

I had bilateral double knee replacement on June 4, 2013. I needed some therapeutic exercise to build up my strength and get me walking again. I love walking and I came across your site and read up on Nordic walking. It seemed to be the perfect answer to my quest! I just received my poles last week and tried them out for the first time yesterday. I had a wonderful walk for about a mile and a half on my new bionic knees! It was so wonderful and freeing to be walking again after 10 years of no exercise do to my arthritic old knees. The poles helped in my gait and balance, all of which I need right now. They also helped take some of the pressure of walking off my knees. And the best part is I HAD NO PAIN!

I just wanted to share this with you and anyone who has had knee replacement. This exercise is just perfect for coming back from surgery and gaining strength and muscle and balance and helping gait, all so important after  knee replacement surgery.

Core and Arm Workout With Poles

Just came back from my first Ski Walk and absolutely love it!!!  As an aerobics instructor, I can highly recommend this exercise to everyone and anyone.  I will be talking these up to my students who need to get on dry land for cross training even on our indoor track.  I am amazed at the core and arm work and posture alignment while walking with these.
Thanks for the FAST shipment and great customer service!!!  also, your DVD and written cues for using the equipment are perfect.

Cried Tears of Joy and Gratitude

For the past year, I have had an unusual and confusing neurological movement disorder, known by 3 different names as: functional neurological disorder, functional movement disorder, or psychogenic movement disorder. The condition makes it difficult for me to walk smoothly and without fear that my legs will freeze, drag, or buckle. To compensate for my gait disturbance, I have been walking with a cane which helps but doesn’t quite offer the stability and fluidity in walking I am looking for. Being someone in their 30’s, I took for granted the ability to walk and wondered if I would ever be able to feel that freedom again. I am happy to say, I am free again, the Nordic ski-walking poles work. I am able to walk more upright, balanced and smoothly. I do not understand the neuroscience behind it, but something about using all four limbs forces my brain to focus, and the steps get smoother and smoother with each stride. I literally cried tears of joy and gratitude on my first walk. I love these poles and can’t thank you enough for your wonderful customer service and fast shipping!

Poles Making a Significant Difference

Dear Pete, I got some Nordic poles from you several months ago and love them. I have ME/CFS and an unstable left hip. The combination of problems was keeping me from being able to hike on our country property, and the lack of exercise was even making it hard to get on my horse. The poles are making a significant difference in my ability to get around, in my strength, and certainly in my enjoyment of life. I’ve begun to shed some weight I’d gained because I couldn’t exercise, I am riding again, and I’m so pleased to be more active and enjoy the outer reaches of our home.
So I just ordered another pair for a neighboring friend who has arthritic knees, and we will get out on our trails together just as soon as they arrive. They are fun to use, extremely helpful for the range of issues I was dealing with, and my fitness has improved considerably. I can’t wait to see the same thing happen to my friend. Thanks so much for this great product.