Walking Poles for Pain Relief


Everyone LOVES Pushing A Shopping Cart – Walking Poles Are Even Better!

Nordic Walking’s winning combination of improved posture, a unique 4-Wheel-Drive type action and shock absorbing benefits is helping many individuals to walk comfortably again. Nordic Walking burns more calories, helps maintain proper posture and takes the load off the lower back, hips, and knees. Using correct length Nordic Walking poles radically reduces the pounding and stress to the knees, hips, and back. Ski Walking is appropriate for people with sore or new knees, sore or new hips, back problems, MS, Parkinson’s, shin splints, runner’s knee, and other issues.

How? When using the correct length poles, we are automatically forced to walk taller, with hips forward and the back straighter. Better posture is biomechanically a good thing! Combine this improved posture with the unique 4-Wheel-Drive action of walking with fitness poles and there is a noticeable decrease in the stress put on the weight bearing joints. It is not magic. It is just physics. The benefits of walking with poles are many.

All of our Nordic Walking Poles at the American Nordic Walking system and www.skiwalking.com are equipped with REAL Nordic Walking Straps – comfortable fingerless glove type straps patented by the Salomon Ski Company. These comfortable straps eliminate the need to grip and squeeze the poles. These special straps enable individuals to use poles again after they could no longer use strapless or other strap systems due to their arthritis and/or carpal tunnel.

Seniors and individuals with disabilities or balance issues should avoid cheap/flimsy 2-piece and 3-piece collapsible walking poles. One-piece poles that are sized correctly are safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap/flimsy twist-lock and flip-lock 2-piece and 3-piece poles that tend to rattle, vibrate and/or collapse unexpectedly. Our one-piece SWIX and EXEL Nordic walking poles have been consistently receiving 100% positive satisfaction ratings.


“The poles are great. I have some arthritis in my left knee and walking with the sticks allows me to exercise without causing more problems with the knee.”– Mary

“I had bilateral double knee replacement on June 4, 2013. I needed some therapeutic exercise to build up my strength and get me walking again. I love walking and I came across your site and read up on Nordic walking. It seemed to be the perfect answer to my quest! I just received my poles last week and tried them out for the first time yesterday. I had a wonderful walk for about a mile and a half on my new bionic knees! It was so wonderful and freeing to be walking again after 10 years of no exercise do to my arthritic old knees. The poles helped in my gait and balance, all of which I need right now. They also helped take some of the pressure of walking off my knees. And the best part is I HAD NO PAIN!”– Joan

“The walking poles have been a lifesaver to me. I shattered my calcaneous two years ago due to an auto accident. After surgery and being in bed several months with no weight on my foot I had a lot to overcome. I learned to walk again. These poles have given me confidence and stability so that I can walk the neighborhood with my husband. My pain is so much less using them that I enjoy walking again. My knees and hips feel better too. I appreciate the quick response in sending the poles and answering questions that I have had in a prompt and friendly manner. I have told my friends about the benefits of using the poles. THANKS!!!” – Mary

“I just lent my poles to my sister who has arthritis. She was amazed at how much easier it was to walk and no pain in her foot.” – Barb