Get Started Nordic Walking – Always Consult With Your Physician

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Getting Started with Your Nordic Walking Poles

Start on easy, flat terrain. Remember that 30 minutes of walking with poles is equivalent to 40-50 minutes of walking without poles. Keep a constant speed. You should be able to conduct a conversation while you walk. If you cannot hold a conversation, then you are walking too fast. The poles are also excellent tools for stretching. After a few weeks, you will notice the difference – more relaxed muscles, better conditioning, and better health. Do not limit your exercising to streets and sidewalks. Nordic Walking is suitable for all types of terrain – trails, beaches, fields and sand dunes. With the poles, you get good support and better balance on any terrain while also increasing the intensity of the exercise. After a few weeks, feel free to toss in some hills, short speed walks and/or jogs with the poles (Nordic Running). Mix it up and have FUN!

*Always consult with your physician before initiating any new exercise program. Once you have the green light, faster paced walking or actually running with the poles (Nordic Running) will take your workouts to the next level. Remember to keep your fingers relaxed and chin up. Keep the poles slightly angled back – unless you have a balance issue. Those with balance issues should keep their poles straight up and down for added balance and stability vs angled back behind you. One-piece poles are physical therapist and doctor recommended.