So Much Walking Pole Confusion – Thanks For Putting Together the American Nordic Walking System

Dear Pete,

I can’t thank you enough for putting together the American Nordic Walking System.  I had major back surgery almost 4 years ago and was still suffering from some mild balance issues related to the procedure.  My wife and I are planning several international cruises and both had concerns about travel in old cities with uneven pavement and a lack of handrails on stairs.   We researched our options ad nauseum and were totally confused. So much misinformation?  Fortunately we found your website, I reached out to you and  as expected, you were very knowledgeable about the subject matter.  At the end of our call I ordered a pair of poles for my wife and a pair for myself.

I have used the poles for about a month now and I have seen dramatic progress in both my balance and walking speed both with and without poles.

Today I had my annual appointment with my back surgeon.  After demonstrating your polls to him, he is going to be letting other patients know about your product and hoping that the American Nordic Walking System becomes a part of their rehab program.