Poles Making a Significant Difference

Dear Pete, I got some Nordic poles from you several months ago and love them. I have ME/CFS and an unstable left hip. The combination of problems was keeping me from being able to hike on our country property, and the lack of exercise was even making it hard to get on my horse. The poles are making a significant difference in my ability to get around, in my strength, and certainly in my enjoyment of life. I’ve begun to shed some weight I’d gained because I couldn’t exercise, I am riding again, and I’m so pleased to be more active and enjoy the outer reaches of our home.
So I just ordered another pair for a neighboring friend who has arthritic knees, and we will get out on our trails together just as soon as they arrive. They are fun to use, extremely helpful for the range of issues I was dealing with, and my fitness has improved considerably. I can’t wait to see the same thing happen to my friend. Thanks so much for this great product.