Poles Helping with Gait and Balance after Double Knee Replacement

I had bilateral double knee replacement on June 4, 2013. I needed some therapeutic exercise to build up my strength and get me walking again. I love walking and I came across your site and read up on Nordic walking. It seemed to be the perfect answer to my quest! I just received my poles last week and tried them out for the first time yesterday. I had a wonderful walk for about a mile and a half on my new bionic knees! It was so wonderful and freeing to be walking again after 10 years of no exercise do to my arthritic old knees. The poles helped in my gait and balance, all of which I need right now. They also helped take some of the pressure of walking off my knees. And the best part is I HAD NO PAIN!

I just wanted to share this with you and anyone who has had knee replacement. This exercise is just perfect for coming back from surgery and gaining strength and muscle and balance and helping gait, all so important after  knee replacement surgery.