Cried Tears of Joy and Gratitude

For the past year, I have had an unusual and confusing neurological movement disorder, known by 3 different names as: functional neurological disorder, functional movement disorder, or psychogenic movement disorder. The condition makes it difficult for me to walk smoothly and without fear that my legs will freeze, drag, or buckle. To compensate for my gait disturbance, I have been walking with a cane which helps but doesn’t quite offer the stability and fluidity in walking I am looking for. Being someone in their 30’s, I took for granted the ability to walk and wondered if I would ever be able to feel that freedom again. I am happy to say, I am free again, the Nordic ski-walking poles work. I am able to walk more upright, balanced and smoothly. I do not understand the neuroscience behind it, but something about using all four limbs forces my brain to focus, and the steps get smoother and smoother with each stride. I literally cried tears of joy and gratitude on my first walk. I love these poles and can’t thank you enough for your wonderful customer service and fast shipping!