PETE – SO GRATEFUL MY NEIGHBOR SHOWED ME HIS NEW WALKING POLES. They looked just perfect for me. I immediately ordered my poles and they came so quickly. I will for sure spread the word to all and everyone who is interested…or might be… including the two gals in our fitness center.

Realized this AM when I was walking …much cooler day after long heat…that the poles will really help my posture and strengthening. Will also tell my wonderful PT in Newport Beach.

So many parks and walking paths around the Irvine villages planned community…Woodbridge Village lake being a favorite in my pre-accident days as well as Quail Hill and Shady Canyon, the Sea and Sage Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary where we get so many birds passing through on the Pacific Flyway. May even go park at Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve and walk the road (but avoid the bikes!)   It is spurring me on to try to regain my strength etc. after the car accident 9 months ago.