SWIX Nordic Walking Poles Consistently Rated #1

The Best Fitness Walking Poles of 2019

Best Overall: SWIX of Norway VIP Nordic Walking Poles

The SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles won another #1 rating this year. Our SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles earned the top spot from VERYWELL FIT:

The SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles earned Best Overall – Best for Nordic Walking and Hiking. 

Why? Durable and user-friendly one-piece design and custom fit to each individual’s height. The only custom fit walking poles in North America. Comfortable patented straps included. These amazing walking poles are at home in the mountains and in the city. Strong enough for athletes. Ideal for fitness walking. The best choice for seniors and those with balance issues too. Recommend for those in physical therapy. Plus they come with a LifeTime Warranty on the durable pole shafts – unlike collapsible poles that are guaranteed to rattle, vibrate, gradually collapse and collapse unexpectedly.

Thanks Wendy Bumgardner at VeryWell Fit for the great review and top rating.