SWIX Boot-Shaped Rubber Tips For Nordic Walking Poles



Genuine SWIX Boot-Shaped Natural Rubber Nordic Walking Tips/Asphalt Paws from SWIX of Norway. The American Nordic Walking System and WWW.SKIWALKING.COM LLC are the only source for SWIX Rubber Tips/Paws in North America. These removable rubber Boot-Shaped Tips/Asphalt Paws come standard on our SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles. For use on pavement, sidewalks, indoor/outdoor tracks, the mall, carpet, tile and leave no trace hiking on rocks. These Rubber Nordic Walking Tips/Asphalt Paws fit ALL Nordic Walking Poles equipped with standard Nordic Walking metal tips from SWIX of Norway and EXEL of Finland. They may not fit cheap/flimsy collapsible poles from Leki, Black Diamond, Keen, York, Exerstrider Poles, REI and other collapsible poles – all of which are now being made in China.

Always keep the toe of each boot/paw angled back behind you when Nordic Walking. SWIX Rubber Tips are longer lasting and more cushiony than cheap rubber tips from China.