EXEL Nordic Walking Rubber Tips/Asphalt Paws



The original EXEL Nordic Walking Tips/Asphalt Paws from EXEL of Finland! Ideal for Nordic Walking on pavement and other hard surfaces, including leave-no-trace hiking on rocks. EXEL Rubber Tips are made with softer rubber that acts as a shock absorber and provides a better grip than the cheap rubber tips coming in from China. The American Nordic Walking System and WWW.SKIWALKING.COM LLC are the only sources in North America for EXEL Poles and EXEL Nordic Walking Tips/Asphalt Paws.

The EXEL boot-shaped Rubber Nordic Walking Tips/Asphalt Paws fit EXEL Nordic Walking Poles. EXEL now makes two versions—please call us to confirm which will be best for your poles.

Because all of the collapsible poles are now being made in China, our rubber tips may no longer fit collapsible poles from Leki, REI, or Black Diamond, as well as the super cheap/flimsy knock-offs from York, Urban Poling, Exerstrider Poles, Trail Buddy, Montem, and other collapsible poles—all of which are now being made in China.

Always keep the toe of each boot/paw angled back behind you when Nordic Walking. Remove the rubber tips with a twist and a pull to expose the durable carbide metal tips for grass, dirt, the beach, the dunes, snow, and ice.

$13.95 per pair + FREE shipping within the USA.

For discounted shipping to Canada, please call us here at World Headquarters:  231-334-3080