Nordic Walking – The Hottest Fitness Activity In the Country

Nordic Walking In Michigan

Thanks Jim Neff, from Michigan Skier, for letting your readers know more about Nordic Ski Skiwalking: “SKIWALKING.COM and the American Nordic Walking System is the place to go for the hottest new fitness activity in the country. Can’t get to a ski hill? No problem, just grab your SkiWalking fitness poles and head out for a wonderful workout. All fitness poles are not created equal, but the ones from and the American Nordic Walking System are top of the line and custom fitted. (Note: I walk with these poles almost every day. Walking with the poles produce a better workout, and adds to your upper body strength. I’ve found that extra strength has improved my golf game. I’m less fatigued on the later holes during a round and I’ve added 10-15 yards of distance to every club. — Jim)
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