Cassidy Fisher Joins LLC

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December 2, 2015 LLC and The American Nordic Walking System Adds a Marketing and Wellness Manager to their Team.

Empire, MI- LLC announces the addition of Cassidy Fisher (Cassidy Edwards) as the new Marketing and Wellness Manager. LLC and The American Nordic Walking System is the number one retailer of Nordic Walking Poles in the USA. They are motivating thousands of people across America to get up off the couch and start their walking campaign. LLC promotes healthy, safe and pain-free walking with the use of their Nordic Walking Poles. And according to Fisher our quality one-piece poles, an industry first, are far superior to walking poles with flimsy twist-locks and/or flip-locks that tend to rattle, vibrate, loosen or fail without warning. Our poles are #1 recommended by Doctors and Physical Therapists, plus proven to be the best choice for athletes, backpackers and for use in physical therapy.

Marketing and Wellness Manager

The Marketing and Wellness Manager will be responsible for day to day marketing activities and long-term marketing strategy. The Marketing and Wellness Manager will also assist in the expansion of wellness programs offered to clients at LLC. Other responsibilities include developing, coordinating, managing and maintaining programs that help clients achieve healthy lifestyles through nutrition and physical activity. The wellness programs will work with clients to reduce physical and emotional health risks and to eliminate poor lifestyle choices that affect overall health.

Cassidy Fisher Joins LLC

Cassidy Fisher comes to LLC after almost three years as a Counselor and Client Advocate with the Women’s Resource Center. Cassidy earned her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Michigan University. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor. Cassidy utilized holistic health practices while working with survivors of domestic violence and sex assault. Techniques she often used with her clients were mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and movement. Many of her clients with disabilities used Nordic Walking poles from LLC. This allowed them to use walking and nature as positive coping and therapeutic strategies. Cassidy built strong relationships with her clients and empowered them to make healthy and positive life choices in everything from their relationships, their lifestyle, their parenting to their employment.

Cassidy has a passion for coaching and helping people achieve their best self and accomplish success in all aspects of life.  She’s had an on the side coaching business helping individuals achieve their athletic and fitness goals. She’s used Nordic Walking poles from LLC with her clients for strength and endurance purposes. She found them to be extremely useful for hill bounding and ski walking. The poles allowed her clients to simulate Nordic skiing as well as helped to build explosive and powerful movement.

In her personal life, Cassidy is all about achieving wellness in her physical, emotional, social and professional lives. She is committed to a healthy diet and builds movement and physical activity into her daily life. She is a compassionate person and loves connecting with people, listening to others and validating their uniqueness. She wants her profession to reflect her values and to allow her to help others to achieve healthy, positive and balanced lives.

Cassidy is excited to join her father, Pete Edwards, at LLC as the Marketing and Wellness Manager. According to Edwards “Cassidy is eager to help our company promote healthy habits and lifestyles through Nordic Walking. Through her own personal experiences as well as through her experiences with counseling and coaching Cassidy is well aware of the health benefits of Nordic Walking and Nordic Sports in general.”

For More Information Please Contact: Pete Edwards – owner/founder/head coach

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