Big Fan

Hi Pete, This is my second pair, (actually I ordered these for my wife). We both have collapsible poles which we use only for when we travel, since they fit the suitcase. Your poles are lighter, more flexible and better balance. I’m a big fan! AFJ

Walking Poles Enable Us To Do The Impossible

Hi Pete!  Just wanted you to know the ski walking poles are fantastic!  I’ve been walking about 45 minutes to 1 hour most days. Previously, just a few blocks would be impossible. The poles allow me to go farther and faster without pain to my ankle which has been wonderful 😄Also, I’m spreading the great […]

Doctor Endorsed

My back radicular symptoms have significantly improved thanks to using the Skiwalking poles. I have told my physician colleagues and patients about Skiwalking poles and you. Paul


I am spreading the word. Your poles are wonderful and so much better than my cheap ones – improper fit, handgrips that cause cramps, poor posture! Bonnie